Pursue Him

10 Powerful Truths About Imagination

February 07, 2023 Derrick & Kim Dsouza Season 4 Episode 5
Pursue Him
10 Powerful Truths About Imagination
Show Notes Transcript

Did you know Imagination unlocks impossibilities. It is  a powerful tool to bring your thoughts to reality. In today's episode Pastor Kim D'souza teaches us to use the word of God to change what we imagine about ourselves. 

One of the most powerful ways in which you can bring the promises that God deposits in the inside of you to reality is through the gift of imagination.

So, what is imagination?

For a child of God, imagination is not wishful thinking or fantasy. But imagination is to see with your heart what you cannot see with your eyes. And, when we use this gift to imprint our hearts with the thoughts of God, we can literally unlock heaven on earth.

Here are 10 powerful truths about imagination that I have learnt.

1 Imagination is a tool by which we can cooperate with God to participate in His divine nature and fulfill our God given purpose.

2 God made things with His imagination! The Bible says, when God saw everything, he said it was good. i.e this is exactly how I imagined it to be! (Genesis 1:31)

3 Imagination unlocks impossibilities. When we imagine something, and we become one with it, impossible now becomes possible. (Genesis 11:6)

4 Our heart is the birthplace of imagination. We have the power to create!

5 When your image is right within you, your imagination will be right. So start with the right image! To correct the image you need to look at God’s mirror (Word of God).

6 The ‘me’ you see is the ‘me’ you will be! (Proverbs 23:7) The way you picture yourself, the way you imagine yourself is exactly the way you will turn out to be.

7 Your imagination is fueled by what you intake. So be careful about what your eyes and ears are feeding on!!

8 Your imagination is so powerful that if you are not careful, it can drive you to overrule the voice of God. (Jeremiah 11:8)

9 The secret to a God-like imagination is walking with God. If the image of the God you serve is small, you will see yourself small.

10 We have the mind of Christ. (1 Corinthians 2:16) When God says this, He essentially means that we have access to His imagination!

Hey child of God, as you’re reading this post, if you are carrying an image about yourself that is small can we encourage you to partner with the Holy Spirit and get that image corrected? Can you take a moment to write down the way God sees you and brood over it, imagine it, speak it and conceive it! Because the image that you carry about yourself is exactly how you will turn out to be.

The full sermon video on Imagination is now available on our Soar Girls YouTube channel