Pursue Him

The LORD Was With Him!

February 13, 2023 Derrick & Kim Dsouza Season 4 Episode 6
Pursue Him
The LORD Was With Him!
Show Notes Transcript

Are you at a point in your life where you feel like you have hit rock bottom. You can change your story. In today's episode Pastor Kim D'souza teach us from the life of Joseph the secret to move from the pit to the palace. 

The Lord was with him – Wow, what a statement!

He was pushed away far from his dreams, far from his comfort and far from all that he could call his, by those who were so near to him.  And yet in his loneliness, rejection and tears, we read – The Lord was with him!

Am talking about Joseph.

If you ever try to make a graph of his life, you will be amazed at the sharp curves and dips his life took. But because the Lord was with him, he ended up in authority, far above everyone in the very land where he entered as a slave.

Stripped and naked when Joseph was pulled out of the empty cistern to be sold as a slave, Genesis 39:2 says that The Lord was with him.  Because the Lord was with him, he prospered…

He was falsely accused of rape charges and put in prison, but Genesis 39:20 says that the Lord was with him. Because the Lord was with him, he received favour…

Again in Genesis 39:23 we read that the Lord was with him. Because the Lord was with him, he got success in whatever he did…

A prophetic word for you
Today you may be at a point in your life where your dreams have been snatched away and your future looks blurred. May be you find yourself stuck in that pit or prison for no fault of yours.

You see, you get it all wrong when you focus on where you are, rather the focus should be whether you are walking with the Lord. In other words, despite the turbulence around you, is His Word walking with you? or Are you still walking in obedience to His will?

When God (His Word) is with you, He will change things around for you just as he did for Joseph.

You don’t have to try hard to push yourself up the ladder, you don’t even have to depend on the cupbearer to bail you out of your situation (because people are not often dependable).

All you got to do is keep walking with Him. The people around you will see something different in you and they will know that the Lord is with you.

Do you think it’s hard for God to change your situation? One moment of God’s favour can accomplish for you what couldn’t even dream of doing in a lifetime. As I write this, I believe this is a prophetic word for many of you reading this. I pray you will receive it and not give up hope.

The Lord was with Him — Make it your 5 words life story. There can be no powerful testimony than this!