Pursue Him

Girls, 5 Quick Tips To Guard Yourself On Social Media

October 19, 2020 Derrick & Kim Dsouza Season 1 Episode 27
Pursue Him
Girls, 5 Quick Tips To Guard Yourself On Social Media
Show Notes Transcript

 Hey Girls, in today's episode we are talking about 5 useful tips to guard yourself on social media.This will empower you to refine your social media presence. 

Online is the new game and social media has changed the way we do relationships. But as much social media has its benefits, if we allow it to master our hearts, it can cause a lot of damage.
Here are five quick tips, especially for single girls on how they can guard their hearts when it comes to social media:

1. You are who God says you are
The desire to be liked, appreciated and get social validation is normal. However, avoid getting preoccupied with social media so much so that it starts defining your self-worth. People post their best lives on social media and it’s so easy to start comparing and feeling stressed that you are not as cool, smart or popular as they are. But the virtual world is not always real, and the number of likes or follows don’t define you, you are who God says you are – chosen, loved, accepted and brought for a price that is worth His son Jesus.2. Be intentional in the way you carry yourself online
The way you project yourself online is the way you allow others to perceive you. Some girls’ social media feeds are flooded with pictures of themselves in thousands of poses. Come on, that’s somebody craving for attention and acceptance. And the people who want to take advantage of that can smell it! Know that your acceptance comes from God, and be rooted in His love (Romans 8:38).

3. Keep it clean baby
Keep your social media accounts ‘clean’ and let there be no room for immorality. As a child of God, strive to uphold His honour. Post content that edifies and encourages people, and points them to Jesus. Also, if you are going to be posting a lot of personal snaps, it makes sense to keep your social media accounts private or accessible to only those you know.

4. Why accept all friend requests?
Hey, you don’t have to be present on every social media platform, follow every Tom Dick and Harry or accept every friend request you get. The numbers shouldn’t matter to you, rather the quality of content you allow your heart to access to (am talking about personal account).
When I follow someone, it also means I give that person access to speak into my life through his/her posts that will now start appearing on my wall. So if my wall is going to be flooded with un-useful or unhealthy information, I choose would rather not accept your friend request! (#dontfeelbad).
In fact from time to time, it is a good practice to unfollow people in your friend list, and instead follow people who inspire you, who you can learn from, who make you run after Jesus.
Another thing – discipline yourself from following or monitoring accounts of your past relationships. Go ahead and unfriend, unfollow or block them, however rude it may seem – lest you open door for your past hurts and dead soul ties to rise again.

5. Cut off
Lastly develop self-control. From time to time cut off from social media completely lest you allow it to become an addiction. Instead make time to build real relationships.